DataAttest Integration

    From DataAttest we understand the needs of ETL users, which persuaded us to design DataAttest casting a integration platform to connect and interact with plenty of existing systems available today across various industries. This enables ETL users focus entirely on test execution while our integration platform synchronizes with relevant tools performing software project management, test case management, notifications and continuous integration automation.

    Project Management

    DataAttest is easy to configure and connect with existing project management tools. Integration with project management tools, syncs the progress going on in each DWH testing activity which helps in greater understanding and measure of progress towards each transformation task. activities.
    Everyone can get clear details about the failure or success result associated with each ETL task. Moreover it boosts greater confidence while performing release management.

    As of now we are supporting JIRA, once JIRA configuration is setup DataAttest enables to visualize your DI testcases along with the user stories.

    Test Management

    While our team knows how to integrate project management tools, its not enough when giving a best data validation solution. We are proud to say that we also focus on establishing connection with test management tools, it will help us to track all test runs, managing test cycle, helps to associate multiple testcases within a test suite. In this Journey, we understand having a seamless integration provides greater help to ETL users. In order to understand the progress and struggle faced by QA Tester. Currently supporting Tricentis qTest testcase management tool integration with DataAttest, also planning to integrate with Zephyr and other test management tool

    Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

    Now a days, most of us know the value of adding automated test execution cycle along with development, testing and production deployment pipeline.

    It helps user to schedule a test execution triggered based on every development update, on applying database patch or on doing end to end migration process. Occasionally there are chances we would like to hit the test cases manually just to validate the accuracy or integrity of data.

    Build plugin is available for Azure pipeline task implementation to connect and execute task using DataAttest. Additionally we are also exposing a rest webhook that could be easily triggered from any CI/CD applications.


    Getting a reliable alert help us to rectify a critical situation before it creates enough damages and it also boosts confidence while getting continuous successful notification for a long time. Our research team spent significant amount of time to understand the standard way of communicating results for data integrity checks. In the process they identified different templates and discussed with multiple data validation teams to gain their perspective and came with a best template which satisfies ETL community. Right now we are supporting Microsoft teams communication channel to publish messages via chat and email notifications.