Data Integrity Testing

    DataAttest tool helps us to maintain data integrity achieving accuracy, completeness and consistency of data throughout its lifecycle. Moreover, this automated validation process helps us to accomplish best practices in performing ETL tasks, such as preventing inadvertent data alterations each time when data is transformed from source system to target system. Proper use of Data Integrity validation based on regulatory compliance, such as GDPR compliance ensures data quality and exposes vulnerabilities on security aspects as well.

    Early detection of issues

    Defects in the EDW not only increases the cost associated with rework, but also results in lost business opportunities that cannot be known, thus cannot be accounted for or recouped.   Goal of this tool is to show an actionable QA methodology and practical testing techniques for delivering near problem-free DWH applications to our organizations.   QA teams are expected to check whether data performs in accordance with the intended design and to uncover potential and real problems that were not anticipated in the design.   In order to attain a certain degree of confidence in the quality of the data in the data warehouse, it is necessary to perform a series of tests.

    Why DataAttest?

    DataAttest is a fastest and robust data testing solution designed for testing Big Data, Data Warehouses, Data Migration and ETL process in a automated way.

    Compare millions of rows and columns of data in minutes, allows the user to schedule tests to run against CI/CD jobs like Azure pipeline, Bamboo, Jenkins and so on.

    Better integration with existing Project management tools in the market like JIRA, Aasana, Rally and give priority to integrate with testing tools like qTest, Rally and many in pipeline.

    Scalable Validation Tool

    Scalable validation tools are the key to validate millions of record in a faster and reliable way, at the same time leveraging cloud environment to span a new instance such that load is distributed evenly. Scalable architecture helps to increase capacity by connecting multiple instance, as a single logical unit. When DataAttest servers are clustered, the original server is being scaled out horizontally.

    DataAttest Notification

    As mention, notification plays a vital role to inform stake holder about the problem with the a data integrity before it reaches to production.

    As we understand the user behaviour we carved the result message in way it would be easily interpreted by enduser and take immediate action.

    We also leverage the features provided in the platform like in Teams we are utilizing the card message to deliver the result in a pretty better way, so the end user feels happy to see the message.