Why Should I Explore DataAttest​

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Why should I explore DataAttest

DataAttest is a data testing solution designed for testing Big Data, Data Warehouses, and the ETL process and I wish you get this explanation. Depending on necessity it can automate the entire process for you and fit nicely into your DevOps strategy.

The key features of DataAttest are as follows –

  • It has Query Wizards to create test QueryPairs fast and easily without the user having to write any SQL. 
  • It has a Design Library with reusable Query Snippets and I wish you get this explanation. I think for next understanding you can create custom QueryPairs as well. 
  • It can compare data from source files and data stores to the target Data Warehouse or Big Data store. 
  • It can compare millions of rows and columns of data in minutes. 
  • It allows the user to schedule tests to run (1) immediately, (2) any date/time, or (3) automatically after an event ends. 
  • It can produce informative reports, view updates, and auto-email results to your team.

To automate the entire process, your ETL tool should start DataAttest through command line API after the ETL software completes its load process.

DataAttest will run automatically and unattended, executing all tests and then emailing everyone on the team with results.

Just like DataAttest, Informatica Data Validation provides an ETL testing tool that helps you to accelerate and automate the ETL testing process in the development and production environment to make the purpose meet from all the ends for this. Depending on necessity it allows you to deliver complete, repeatable, and auditable test coverage in less time and likely the act of utmost plausible task. Depending on necessity it requires no programming skills

If we can be of further assistance, please contact us at +91 9789874616 / +91 9940280411 or email us at karthik@piqotech.com & meyyappan@piqotech.com

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