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    Importance of Automating Data Reconciliation Testcases

    The amount of data available in our system has increased dramatically in the last few years thanks to latest innovations like 5G, ML, BigData but the ability to validate the truthfulness of the data is a challenge faced by all.

    In Today’s data world 95% of data verification processes rely on reconciliation testing, integration with Issue & Project Tracking Software’s & ensure to add validation process along with CI/CD pipeline to automate full development life cycle.
    Data Analytics

    Why DataAttest ?

    Easy to compose data reconciliation test by connecting heterogeneous datastores using stable and reliable JDBC protocol.

    Seamless integration with existing system like JIRA, qTest, Teams and Slack to streamline testing process in a reliable and hassle-free way in your organization

    Automate test execution from initiation phase to report generation phase using continuous integration cycle.
    What is the Speciality Of Us?

    Easy to Setup

    Installing DataAttest is simple. No dependencies, extra downloads, or changes to your code required.

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    Data Warehouse Testing

    Perform hassle free Data Validations Testing using methods like pre-screening steps, vital checks, reconciliation and report generation using DataAttest

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    Integration with OpenSource

    DataAttest integrates easily with any opensource testing tools like Selenium, Cypress.io, and many other tools

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    Real-Time Notifications

    Real-time operational insights. Keep up with anomalies, track metrics faster and receive real-time notifications

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    Integration with reporting tools

    DataAttest integrates easily with JIRA, Azure pipeline and many other tools exposed their integration API's

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    Unbeatable Support

    Reliability, responsiveness and resolving issues are top priority by DataAttest Support Team.

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